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A Last Look at President Bush

Although he still has a few days as president, I thought this retrospective of photos from the Internet might be fun:














OK.  It’s (barely) possible that a couple of these may have been photoshopped.


Obama’s Fixer-upper

While President-Elect Obama is sorting out his cabinet, he also must prepare for the extensive remodeling of America. 

This ran in the newspaper not too long after the election, but it seems appropriate to resurrect it this month:


Carpooling – An American Tradition

Carpooling (car-sharing, in it’s inception) is historic and patriotic – an effort to save resources for the war effort during World War II (besides, who would want to be responsible for this passenger?). 

It’s interesting the tactics we will take to guilt people into helpful behaviors.  These days, you ride with Al Gore if you carpool:


What Would You Attempt To Do?

It’s a new year – full of possibilities, dreams, potential, and reality.  I realize that we live in an imperfect world, however…


Billionaires for Bush!

Our poor economy.  I keep hearing that the economic panic of 2008 was just a warm-up for a serious (world-wide) economic collapse in 2009 – who knows?

At any rate, as we transition to a new president, I think this is funny:


KIM JONG IL Comments on the Bush Shoe Throw (and other things)

Do you ever wonder what some of the world’s leaders are really thinking?  I was directed to this funny video by Stoney (many thanks) who found this on YouTube (but didn’t leave his own blog or site address) and suggested it after viewing the videos posted here as Alternate (Funny) Versions of the Bush Shoe Throw:


Five for Friday – Wrong Santa Gift Cards

It’s the day after Christmas.  I’m again realizing that Christmas has become so commercial that in our day-to-day life it’s hard to recognize its origins.  So, I thought I’d let my sarcastic nature run its course and have some fun at Santa’s expense (particularly since he has already delivered all the gifts and there is no chance of a lump of coal in my stocking).  These are the kind of gift cards I would attach to gifts for my friends (if I did any of the wrapping) – Five for Friday – Wrong Santa Gift Cards:







Bush Shoe Throw – New Security Measures

This is a follow-up to the recent posting about the shoe throwing incident involving President Bush as a target:


Snow in Los Angeles (County)

I’m sitting at home today (again) due to snow – along with my kids who are on their second snow day from school.  What is strange about this is that we live in California, in Los Angeles County (less than an hour from downtown).  Now, we have mountains in LA County – but we live in a desert area… with about five inches of snow in our yard and we have the lowest amount in our valley.  Much of our valley has about a foot of snow and the hills around us even more.  All roads (in and out of the valley) are closed.

This is likely of little interest to any of you reading this – particularly those of you who live in areas that normally get lots of snow.  However, I keep thinking that Al Gore must have planned to visit us today because it seems that every time he schedules a global warming event in a city, that city experiences below normal temperatures.

Welcome, Al.  We’re looking forward to your visit.

Here’s the freeway that runs through our city (morning, before most snow):


Here’s a photo of our backyard (early afternoon):



Alternate (funny) Versions of the Bush Shoe Throw

During his surprise visit to the middle east, President Bush learned to duck and weave.  Here are some alternate versions to what you may have seen on the news:

The Austin Powers version:

The Three Stooges version:

The Shoe Throwing World Championships:

Everything including the Kitchen Sink:

Peanutbutter Jelly Time: