I’m Not Perfect (what a shock)

I’ve been reminiscing about goals I set as a 30 year old and have been accomplishing over the years.  Thus far, I’ve only mentioned goals that I have either met or are long-term, continuing goals (like reading a book a week).  It’s probably time to discuss at least one failure:

One of the goals I set was to learn a musical instrument.  I didn’t think it would be that hard.  The guitar seemed cool, so I bought a guitar and learned three chords (I believe that made me eligible to join the Ramones!), but primarily earned sore fingers and gained a new appreciation for the flexibility of guitarist’s hands.  I’ve picked up my guitar on and off over the years, but have never really had the passion or dedication to excell at guitar.  I have thought about piano too, since we have had one sitting in our living room (nice decoration) for several years waiting for one of our kids to learn (I’m not much of a musical example to them).

I think one of the things I am learning from this goal is that I must be passionate (or at least interested) about a goal in order to achieve some measure of success.  I believe I really set this goal with a thought to impress others, rather than having pursued self improvement – another good lesson.


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