Swimming with the Fish (Food)

Another of my goals was to snorkel in Hawaii.

My wife and I planned a trip (pre-kids) to Maui and scheduled ourselves to go out on a boat to snorkel by a reef.  It was quite a trip.

We showed up at the dock that morning thinking we were going to be on a trimaran.  However, it turned out to be a pretty smelly little tug boat kind of thing.  At any rate, we pulled out into the sea and began making our way out to a reef and small island.  About 15 minutes into the trip, my wife discovered she was prone to seasickness.  I felt badly for her (Mr. Compassion), but was still looking forward to snorkeling.  When we reached the “dive” area, the crew anchored the little boat and gave us the necessary safety tips for a “safe and sane” trip.  They handed out equipment, then served our lunch (a “lunch buffet” was included in the trip).  The “lunch” turned out to be peanut butter, cheese, bread, mayonnaise, chips, and some kind of beverages out of a little ice chest.  I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it. 

My wife was still a bit woozy after lunch, but thought a dip in the sea would help.  It did.  She said she felt much better as soon as she hit the water.  My experience was a bit different.  I became seasick as soon as I hit the water and immediately fed the fish my lunch.  I climbed right back into the boat, tossed the gear to one of the crew, then hung over the side for the rest of the trip.  After staying in the water until the last moment before we left, my wife joined me at the side of the boat for the return trip.

We literally felt like kissing the ground on our return, but were walking on shakey legs and were afraid our smootch might be involuntary if we didn’t concentrate on trying to walk with some semblance of dignity.

Anyway, the next day we went out and rented snorkels and swim fins and spent the day snorkeling just off the beach.  It was beautiful and fun and involved absolutely no boats.

Well… goal fulfilled, fun had, fish fed… It could have been better, but still memorable.


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