Who I want to Become and Another “Bucket Lister”

I happened across Doug, another “bucket lister” http://douggeivett.wordpress.com/2008/07/24/my-bucket-list/ and found his post interesting.  He responed to yesterday’s post with this thought:

There are several ways to go about this business of working on a bucket list. One is simply to make a list of things I feel especially compelled to do before “kicking the bucket,” and tick them off as each is done. But it could be useful to ask why those particular things are on my list. What does my list say about me? And is that the kind of person I want to be when I’ve finished my business here on earth? An alternative is to think strictly in terms of what sort of person I wish to become, then get busy becoming that sort of person. But how do you do that?

Good questions.

As I think about the kind of person I (still) hope to be, I am struck by the words of Michelangelo when he was asked how he could turn a block of stone into a beautiful angelic statue.  He responded with something to this effect: “I see the angel inside the block of stone and remove everything that doesn’t belong.”  That is (more or less) what my list has become for me – a vision of who I want to become and a chipping away of what doesn’t belong. 

It became much easier after my kids were born.  I wanted to be the kind of person who could be patient with them as they grew up and developed into the kind of people who could be patient with me as I grew old.


5 responses to “Who I want to Become and Another “Bucket Lister”

  1. I’ve lost the vision of who I want to be.

    I tried writing a bucket list last night…based on your suggestion of putting things on the list that would shape me into the person I want to be. I realized…I don’t know anymore.


    P.S. I liked the other blog you linked to and added it to my bookmarks.

    I like it too. Doug seems like a nice guy.
    When I made my original list, it took a few days (and many sheets of paper and several erasers). You needn’t rush.
    I’ve found that investing in the lives of others (volunteering or providing resources) helps me strip away enough self-focus to really see who I am and who I want to be. You might set a goal of volunteering at a food bank, women’s shelter (many need job coaches or just listening ears) or public library (many need literacy teachers).
    You might make a list of the skills, talents, gifts, and interests you have – kind of an inventory of who you are. Although I haven’t always liked what I’ve come up with, it has helped at times. I have also hammered out a list of my core beliefs about life, about me, and about others. I find my beliefs help shape my vision.
    I hope this helps.
    There is no need to rush into making a list.

  2. That does help. Thanks! I’ve noticed in the past that when I’m serving others, I’m a much happier person. I forget that kind of thing.

    And, when I have an idea…like making my own list…I want it done NOW. Hee. I guess I need to exercise more patience with myself.

    Thank you!

    I am the same way. I want patience and I WANT IT NOW! Kind of a contrast, no?

  3. Ha! Yes…that about sums it up!

  4. Enjoying some reading here on a Sunday morning – and the “bucket” resonates. A similar concept is captured in The Dream Manager. My organization has embraced the concept, and it’s a bit squishy (especially in a science and engineering culture), but there’s power in it…

    i’ll keep reading. like your approach to life, paying it forward, and not letting go of things that matter!

    Thank you for your kindness. I’ll go check out the Dream Manager and your blog as well. Again, thanks.

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