Be Kind Rewind

I “discovered” the film, Be Kind Rewind, on our flight to Hawaii.  I say discovered, because although I had seen a trailer, my assumption was that, typical of Jack Black’s recent work, the trailer would be the best parts of the film – so no need to see the rest.  In fact, when the person next to my son and I asked us about the film I made some kind of disparaging comment before admitting I had not seen the film.

At any rate, with five hours to kill and not in the mood to read, my son and I decided to watch the film.  It was a joy.  Jack Black was actually funny, Mos Def carried the film, Danny Glover was excellent, Mia Farrow helped tie the concept together, and a cameo by Sigourney Weaver was perfect.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who might choose to watch, but the basic concept of the film is charming – a young man (Mos Def) trying to live up to the trust placed in him by Danny Glover’s character, while trying to tame Jack Black and keep the neighborhood happy, all woven together by the necessity of a spirit of independence and harmony, leading to an independent film retrospective of a larger than life character who’s contribution to the neighborhood is fictionalized by the neighbors into legend (whoa, one sentence).

I think I received as much joy by watching my twelve-year-old son enjoy the film (out of the corner of my eye) as I did by watching the film itself – which was part of the charm for me.  It is highly unlikely that we would have ever gone to see the film or watched it on video, and it is possible that the only thing that made this film enjoyable (and now, memorable) is that I was with my son on a five-hour flight with not much else to do, but I found it entertaining, charming, well done, and clever. 

Give it a chance, if you haven’t already seen it.


7 responses to “Be Kind Rewind

  1. I liked the way you liked watching the movie with your son (out of the corner of your eye!!) and the fact you may not have watched it at all but for the circumstances.

    It’s very doubtful that I would have watched the film and I would have missed a very enjoyable experience. I love my kids and they crack me up (but they don’t like to be “watched” so I have spent most of their lives watching them out of the corner of my eyes).

  2. Wow! Okay…I’ll see it. I love Jack Black. I don’t know why, but he really makes me laugh. This film though, did not appeal to me. But I’ll see it on your recommendation!

    If you find you don’t like it, just remember that I was strapped to an airline seat for five hours and didn’t have many options. If you do find that you like it – I told you so…

  3. Hah! I will keep all that in mind. I’m generally very easy to entertain, so I expect I’ll like it very much!

  4. The previews looked silly, but now that it’s out on dvd I’m sure I’ll see it because my husband loves Jack Black. It’s good to know that I might actually like it. Thanks!

  5. This was a really creative film… definitely a good time.

    Yes. Thanks.

  6. Funny you’d mention this. Just saw a preview of it last night, and we’re adding it to our Netflix.

    We saw the airline version, so I don’t know how much editing took place, but my son and I really enjoyed it.

  7. This is a great film, one of my all-time favorites. It kind of appealed to me because it was about guys making movies, which is what I like to do. Great review and a great film.

    Thanks for dropping in. It was a really enjoyable film.

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