The Best Game Ever!

Stuff like this makes me smile – having fun while creating a lifelong memory for a group of kids.

It’s Improv Everywhere’s The Best Game Ever (this one from April):

or visit the site

A couple of other favorites of mine are the Food Court Musical and Frozen Grand Central.


2 responses to “The Best Game Ever!

  1. yep, we were definitely driving on highway 1! loved it. kinda reminded me of the road to hana on maui, though!

    i honestly couldn’t tell you the name of the town… but it was small (you know, post office, coffee shop, gas station… and that’s about it). it was probably somewhere around 50ish miles north of san francisco along highway 1.

    There a a bunch of great little towns along the coast – and yes, the road is somewhat frightening. I commute through the mountains into LA each day on a road very similar to the Hana Highway.

  2. That was AWESOME!!! I’ve never heard of that group before…but I think I’m going to have to go watch some more of those videos!

    The Grand Central Freeze is great – hang in until the end and focus on what the worker in the golf cart is saying.

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