Five for Friday – Favorite TV Shows while Growing Up

Just to mix it up a bit, I thought I might list some random favorites on Fridays – kind of a Five for Friday.  Today I’m listing five of my favorite TV shows while I was growing up (in no particular order).  See if you notice a theme:

The Monkees

The Banana Splits (some people might not remember this Saturday morning live-cartoon).

The Partridge Family

Scooby Doo

H.R. Pufnstuf (plus a surreal throw-in if you like Pearl Jam)


5 responses to “Five for Friday – Favorite TV Shows while Growing Up

  1. Love it!

    Thanks. Me too.

  2. I suppose I watched most of these in reruns…but I loved Scooby, Banana Splits and HR Pufnstuf! (Very nice Pearl Jam video!!!)

    I know, I’m old – a “love” child of the sixties.

  3. thanks for the saturday morning flashback! love these… and yes, The Banana Splits!

    there’s a CD my daughter found that has a lot of modern rockers covering saturday morning tv show “themes”… it’s big fun!

    My kids are still fairly young and still like Scooby Doo (actually we watch together). I’m going to have to look for that CD, it sounds interesting.

  4. The Monkees and Scooby Doo were two of my faves too! And when Davy Jones was on the Brady Bunch it was like Must See TV.

    “It’s always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…” – Jan Brady

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