Today’s (Rock & Roll) History Lesson

I thought this video (The Day the Music Died) was fascinating:


5 responses to “Today’s (Rock & Roll) History Lesson

  1. Terrific!

    I’m glad you liked it.

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  3. This is one of my all time favorite songs. I’ve researched the lyrics on more than one occasion. The video’s good but I think it’s missing a few explanations. Though that could just be my living under a rock and not recognizing lots of the pictures. 😀

    It’s just one person’s interpretation. I don’t remember seeing a picture of a levee during the video. I also noticed that this video uses Bob Dylan as the “Jester.” I have always thought of the jester as Mick Jagger – based on the lyrics.

  4. interesting…..

    Good to hear.

  5. That was a great video. I love Buddy Holly….and this made me misty eyed. I never knew that about his wife….how sad…

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