Five For Friday – Favorite Films

My five favorite movies:

1. Groundhog Day – Creative, funny, and thought provoking (at least to me).  Maybe Bill Murray’s finest film:

2. To Kill A Mockingbird – A nearly perfect movie.  Gregory Peck was wonderful:

3. In the Heat of the Night – Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger, a great combination as they battle racism while attempting to solve a murder:

4. Hoosiers – My favorite sports movie – it’s all about TEAM.  Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper are great in this film:

5. Rio Bravo – My favorite western.  What a mix – John Wayne, Dean Martin, Walter Brennan, Rick Nelson, Angie Dickinson… (although I also really like The Magnificent Seven and The War Wagon):

8 responses to “Five For Friday – Favorite Films

  1. Hmm…Groundhog Day?? Really?? Hahah!

    I love Hoosiers and TKAM. Great movies!!

    I don’t think I can say for sure what my top five are. They flucuate from time to time…but my top ten are a little more solid….in no particular order…

    1. Pride and Prejudice (newest version).
    2. Emma
    3. Napolean Dynamite
    4. Office Space
    5. Moulin Rouge
    6. American History X
    7. Tombstone
    8. Sense and Sensibility
    9. Love, Actually
    10. The Sound of Music

    My kids love Napolean Dynamite and I like watching it with them because they like it so much (they make me laugh).
    If I had added a musical to my list, it would have been Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – you can’t beat a musical with this line: “A man can’t sleep, when he sleeps with sheep.” (from the song, Lonesome Polecat).

  2. Let me bring up more candidates:

    Comedy: The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges). I totally agree with you regarding Groundhog Day, BTW: a thoughtful film worth discussing. Another one: Raising Arizona, which (in my mind) is a film about fatherhood.

    Sports: I find I enjoy Breaking Away immensely, though it’s more about growing up.

    Western: Nothing wrong with Rio Bravo, but also take a look at Warlock. And Once Upon a Time in the West is also wonderful.

    All are great films (well… I haven’t seen Warlock, but will look for it). I haven’t seen Breaking Away in years, but seem to remember it as Kevin Costner’s movie debut.

  3. Hoosiers is one of my favorite movies, too. To this day I love Gene Hackman.

    Who would have thought that Popeye Doyle could have been such an effective coach of small-town high school kids?

  4. Yes, I like SBfSB as well. Truthfully, I’m a sucker for musicals!

    Our family also has a tradition of watching White Christmas on Christmas eve.

  5. Choosing a top five is tough. TKAM and Hoosiers would be up there for me. In the late 90’s the American Film Institute came out with a list of the best 100 movies (they revised it last year) and Jason & I spent the next ten years watching all of the movies on the list. I am only mentioning it because there were a lot of westerns on the list. Too many for my tastes, but if you like westerns you should see what’s on the list. Anyway, I loves musicals and agree that Sound of Music is my favorite, although Seven Brides… was good.

    There are some great westerns out there that I like – The War Wagon, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Tombstone, The Searchers, True Grit… I just like the combination of actors in Rio Bravo, the chemistry they seem to have had while making the film, and the way the story moves (like Stumpy coming to the rescue after being told to stay away because “old cripples aren’t wanted.”
    My wife’s favorite musical is Meet Me in Saint Louis.

  6. I loooove Meet Me in Saint Louis. Judy Garland is such a moving actress.

    My favorite Christmas song of all time comes from that movie: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. The original version in the movie is heart-wrenching!

    It sounds like you and my wife would get along famously.

  7. Well, she obviously has great taste in musicals!

  8. Hoosiers – Awesome movie!!! David and I finally got a copy because we always would stop and watch it anytime we saw it on! Probably one of my most favorite sports movies.

    I think we have two or three copies in various formats. It is great.

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