New (School) Year’s Resolutions

I came across this at Where’s The Sun, who took the idea from Pass the Torch, and I thought about a few school-year resolutions that I should will try do:


  • Get outside more (I commute 2 1/2 hours each day).
  • Spend less time at the computer in the early evenings.


  • Stop drinking sodas (a newer habit, must stop) and drink more water.
  • Get back on the (excercise) bike.


  • Become more accepting of other people’s personality quirks (not that I’m intolerant – on the surface, I just get annoyed by some quirks, then avoid people who annoy me – and it is my loss).
  • Expand my friendships.


  • Do more fun stuff with my family on weekends.
  • Play more games in the evenings (my kids love board games).


  • Write more.
  • Increase conference presentations.

Let’s see how I do…

NOTE: I published this earlier this morning, but didn’t like the format and couldn’t figure out how to fix it – so being the OCD person I strive to be, I rewrote it.


4 responses to “New (School) Year’s Resolutions

  1. Excellent resolutions! Thanks so much for joining in!

    You are kind – and you had a great idea!

  2. I like the way you organized your resolutions almost like a checklist.

    Good luck kicking the soda habit!

    I like Mexican food and Coke goes with it perfectly. I also really like Mountain Dew while driving (I like to think it keeps me awake). However, as I get older, I really must drink more water.

  3. Don! Great list. I thought my hour and a half commute (round trip) was bad! Wow…

    I need to quit drinking so many diet sodas…I drink tons of water, so maybe it balances out…but I can’t help thinking that I’m pouring unnatural chemicals into my body with every aspartame sweetened beverage…

    Ooh..board games! My friends and I used to get together and play board games or cards all the was a fun way to spend time together…I should make them commit to a game night! Thanks for the idea…hah!

    The commute is not all bad – most of my drive is on a windy mountain road through pine trees. I only spend about 40 minutes on freeways. It is also a great time to listen to audio books.
    My dentist tells me that diet soda is the worst thing you can put on your teeth – the chemicals in the “diet” stuff eat away at the enamel on your teeth.
    My daughter loves Monopoly, my son loves Risk, my wife and I love Scrabble – we do a lot of compromising.

  4. I’m a Scrabble girl myself. But I don’t mind a heated game of Monopoly from time to time.

    I should keep that teeth thing in mind. How scary is it that I’m ingesting something that will eat away at tooth enamel? That stuff goes into my body!

    Your teeth, your body, your choice (like I’m any help).

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