Miss Sister 2008 – A New Habit

So… I read about a new beauty contest – Miss Sister 2008.  An Italian priest and school teacher is organizing this contest to give nuns “more visibility within the Catholic church and to fight the stereotype that they are old and dour.”  Beginning next month (September ’08), Rev. Antonio Rungi will give nuns an opportunity to enhance their image and the world will have an opportunity to “vote for the nun they consider a model.”

Watch for it.


7 responses to “Miss Sister 2008 – A New Habit

  1. Honestly, I’m not sure what Rungi was thinking. While I’m glad that he wants to promote the good work of Catholic nuns, the way he has chosen to do so is appalling to me. I’ve responded via my blog A Nun’s Life at http://anunslife.org/2008/08/25/miss-sister-2008-beauty-contest-nuns/

    It does seem there are other, more appropriate formats. I visited your blog and enjoyed it – you communicate your thoughts and passions well. I like your idea of sponsoring one or two nuns to compete in athletic events. Now that would get people’s attention – displaying a life of service and compassion, yet competing at the highest levels. It might even teach some of today’s pampered athletes that a life can actually have balance and that the focus does not have to be on the individual who received athletic gifts, but on the one who gave them.

  2. Nice pic 🙂

  3. Nooooo! Can’t some things just be left alone?? Why on earth does everything have to be about physical appearances? It’s disturbing.

    (Although a little funny too.)

    See what Sister Julie has to say. I found her response (in her blog) interesting.

  4. I did read it! I agree 100%…and I learned that nuns play 3 on 3 basketball! Who knew?

  5. I’m not sure this is a bad thing. I like the idea of other competitions, but a dignified beauty contest can serve to break stereotypes. (http://blogs.pioneerlocal.com/religion). This priest isn’t some pervert. He has found innovative ways to reach out to people.

    I don’t think I think of him as a pervert, I just think the idea is misguided. I realize that there are stereotypes associated with nuns (positive and negative – depending on an individual’s experiences and/or social circles), but I believe it is the work nuns do that should be celebrated (and it is likely not celebrated enough – I don’t really know, I’m not Catholic).
    I appreciate your comment and your visit – Thanks.

  6. I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic elementary school. I have been smacked with a ruler by more than nun.

    I think this is a great idea! I have known of a couple of girls who considered themselves “to attractive” to serve God as a Nun.

    This may be the very “vehicle” needed to break down walls of preconceived notions of who nuns are and what they are llike.

    Seconding this priest is akin to trying to tell any “professional” that they should check with you before they do their job.

    Thanks for your willingness to weigh in. Not being raised Catholic, I don’t have the “insider information” that you possess, nor the emotional/social investment. I appreciate hearing your point of view. I don’t think anybody needs to check with me before doing their job, but I guess I didn’t think of this as the priest’s job. Again, thanks for your comment.

  7. I wasn’t raised Catholic either…but the idea that a woman would think she was “too attractive” to serve God strikes me as odd. And I would hope that a woman with that attitude wouldn’t suddenly be attracted to the ministry because her beauty can now be validated. I dunno…it just strikes me as strange…

    me too

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