A Reaction to A Reaction to A Post

Ok… so what happened here? 

I have this nice (at least I hope it’s nice), quiet little blog where I post things that interest me and hope those posts might interest others and provide some kind of encouragement.  I’ve made some acquaintances and am enjoying chatting with others in cyberspace – by the way, thanks to those of you who comment.

Anyway, last night I mentioned (Miss Sister 2008 – A New Habit) a little article I noticed running across the top of my screen and immediately started getting visits… lots of visits (at least for me).  I generally get visited by 30 to 50 people per day, but suddenly received nearly 2,000 visits from this one post (not at all normal) – in one day.  Weird.  And all those visits yielded only a few comments.  Again, weird.

So I’m thinking… why?  Why was this so interesting to so many people?  I really didn’t comment on anything, I just mentioned the article.  Then it hit me – ewwww (can a guy say that?)… the title may sound like some kind of Porno thing.  I hope this isn’t true, but still… ewwww.  I feel like I might need Trish’s Goof Off  to clean up my notebook.

Am I hallucinating?  Has this happened to anyone else?

I don't remember where I found this.  If I stole it from you...sorry.

I don't remember where I found this. If I stole it from you...sorry


3 responses to “A Reaction to A Reaction to A Post

  1. Lol AngryAfrican had the same thing happen, it’s amazing what people search for these days, kinda scary atch – I highly recommend these three posts of his, if anything you will have a good laugh. No more porn!, porn poses and “free porn“ – Please note that none of them are porn, promise.

    Thanks SF. I didn’t have all the searches. The majority of visits came from the wordpress search for Miss-Sister-2008, so either they had heard about it already or thought that topic sounded interesting. I did get a bunch of visits from a site that sounded fishy, but it appears that it is no longer operational.
    I checked out Angry African, funny and porn free! Thanks.

  2. I get tons of hits when I post lyrics to a song. And even months later I still see searches for them, and people reading those particular posts.

    Oh, and the Immortal Beloved page gets hits non-stop.

    I have had more than one search titled: “is evangeline an asshole”?

    That one always cracks me up…and I’m wondering if they’ve not found the answer to their question yet.

    But, no porn. I guess I’m not creative enough with my titles.

    I’m probably wrong (hopefully). I didn’t have any weird search titles.

  3. Any time you post anything remotely anti Catholic Church they come out in force.

    I had quite a time of “intense fellowship” with one Catholic priest some time back because I asked about the Church changing sins around.

    Eating meat on Friday is a sin…. oops now it’s not.

    I guess that’s what I find interesting about this post. I didn’t really receive many comments (they are all here – count ’em), just lots of visits – and not many visits to other things I’ve posted. A few people seemed to wander about the blog to see what else was here (maybe 10%), but the vast majority only went to the one post (I generally at least look at “about” when I visit a blog). The good that came from it was I made a few new friends. Sister Julie seems great! AND, thank you for stopping in.

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