Teachers Packing Heat – Guns in School

It’s Monday.  Kids are heading back to school.  And I watched this headline scroll across my screen, “Texas Students Pack Bookbags; Teachers Pack Heat,” I remembered hearing something about this a few weeks ago, yet for some reason I was still surprised.

The first student quote was interesting, “It was kind of awkward knowing that some teachers were carrying guns” (something I guess I didn’t expect to hear in the USA during my lifetime).  The student went on to say, “I don’t feel like they should be, ’cause we already have locked doors and cameras.  But I didn’t feel threatened by it.”

This isn’t particularly new (the decision by the Harrold, Texas school board was made last fall) it just hadn’t been publicized until now.

I’m a teacher and a parent.  While I certainly understand both sides of an argument regarding guns in school (could Columbine have been diverted by a teacher?, will an unstable teacher carry a weapon on campus, could a student access a teacher’s weapon, etc.), I don’t think this is the greatest idea.

What do you think?


9 responses to “Teachers Packing Heat – Guns in School

  1. My wife teaches high school math. She (as a caucasion) has been accused of being racist by a student’s mother because she expected the student to bring pencil and paper to math class!

    When one student tried to leave her class she stood in the door way and the student threatened her with bodily harm. For which he was suspended the next day (Friday) came back to school on Monday and was allowed to make up all the work he missed during his one day suspension. Essentially he got a day of vacation for threatening bodily harm on a school teacher.

    I don’ think every teacher should carry a gun. However, I do thing every teacher should be able to make that decision for themselves.

    For instance, perhaps if the teacher at Columbine would have had a gun he could have shot at least one of the nuts before they killed him. Maybe.

    Thanks for the thought.
    I was a teacher and principal (and now work for a university) and, although I didn’t typically have this type of problem with students (since I’m 6’7″ and relatively athletic), I certainly did try to protect and support teachers who were confronted. I participated in over 60 expulsions while serving as a public school principal and many of those included students possessing weapons on campus. It can be a frightening world at times. I’ve heard teachers joke about coming to school armed, but they were typically individuals that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable around if I knew they were “packing.” There are responsible, well-trained individuals who I might feel comfortable with, but who gets to decide who carries a weapon? BTW… I would likely have put the student who confronted your wife up for expulsion. AND, suspended students never were able to make up missed work at my schools.

  2. You HAVE to be kidding? How bad must society be to have to resort to measures such as these? Wow, and I thought SA was bad, this is an eye opener, thanks you!

    It’s a much different world than when I was a kid (but in some ways better).

  3. Hey this is Texas! We carry guns everywhere!

    Seriously though…I suppose I’m more immune to the idea, because everyone I know has a gun. (I don’t). But, I wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that anyone…teacher or not…has a gun at school…except maybe if there is security on premises.

    I didn’t know you were a Texan – I’ll be sure to be nicer to you (don’t mess with Texas, and all).

  4. I’m all for individuals being able to own guns. I’m ok with security on campus having guns (usually in holsters, etc.) like campus security at [a college] (although not sure how secure that is – entirely different story there). But, I’m not good with teachers packing heat. What happens if the class is a little unruly one day and it happens to be an already awful day for the teacher?? Do we have another Columbine but substitute a teacher for Harris & Klebold?

    Although, I will say when we lived in Idaho, the crime rate was extremely low because virtually everyone that lived there owned a gun. Did you want to take the chance breaking into someone’s house on the off-chance they didn’t own a gun?

    Very interesting…..

    Many scenarios – most disconcerting.

  5. Hmmm…I thought I just posted a comment…I must’ve hit something wrong.

    Anyhow, I forgot that I was supposed to be mysterious about where I’m from! Just don’t tell anyone. Hah!

    And you couldn’t be any nicer! But yes…we Texans are a tough breed!

    Texas is pretty big. It seems like a mysterious person should be able to find plenty of places in which to disappear.

  6. Hah! Very true!

    Who said that (looking around for the mystery person)???

  7. It’s crazy to allow weapons in a school safe zone. Violence only begets more violence, but in this country it’s an eye for an eye. Seriously, how many teachers are gonna have the stones to shoot a student? Yea, I’d maybe slap a kid if he ran up on me, but shooting him is just insane to think about. Good post!

    Unfortunately, I know some teachers who might not even blink. But, yes, insane does generally come to mind when I think of them. We are living in crazy times.
    Thanks for the visit.

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