Crimes of Carelessness – The Video

Talk about old school.  Here’s a safety video that speaks to (at least) my generation.  Give it a click:



4 responses to “Crimes of Carelessness – The Video

  1. LOLOLOLOL!! I needed that kind of laugh today!

    Keep a brick in your desk…just in case, never drive w/a wolverine in your pants, be careful not to let your ghost fall down the stairs and break it’s neck….hahaha!

    That was awesome.

    The brick is actually a good idea.

  2. Where in the world did you find that! I was chuckling through most of it! Just tooooo funny!!

    I like to mindlessly wander through Stumble Upon, and I happended to stumble across it and thought it pretty funny. I like old newsreel kinds of videos (the historian in me) and sometimes passively watch, so it took a minute to catch my attention that it was pretty funny.

  3. Don, the first “accident” in that clip was completely avoidable. The “fatherly figure” should know better than to hold a bag of groceries in front of his face while he walks down the side walk. The bicycle was completely innocent. 🙂

    Many guys probably aren’t used to carrying groceries.

  4. I agree with mssc54 about the dumb guy that missed the huge bike in his path.

    That actually reminded me of all those infomercials where people suddenly forget how to chop vegetables without cutting fingers off..they will never be safe! Unless they buy the amazing “Vegetable Genie” or whatever they are hocking.

    Hmm…that was a very random train of thought…

    I’ve been that dumb guy.

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