Signs of the Times… or… Celebrate Your Friends!

For those of you who like to give awards or just have fun making creative things for your friends, here are a couple of sites that might prove helpful: has lots of options for creative minds:

Vinyl Record Generator gives you opportunity to dedicate a record to the one you love:

With Custom Road Sign, you can make road signs (duh), motel sign, Hollywood Star, funny receipts, etc.:

Danger Sign Generator can be fun:

Sign Generator has lots of choices and is lots of fun:

Have fun!

Einstein meets donstuff

Einstein meets donstuff


2 responses to “Signs of the Times… or… Celebrate Your Friends!

  1. ROFL!!

    “Vinyl Record Generator”…

    How many of your readers are now thinking that a vinyl record generator is something you use when your power goes out? 🙂

    Do you mean it’s not? (kidding – I’m old – I refer to CDs as Albums).

  2. I was kind of hoping the vinyl record generator was a company that would produce vinyl records of music we choose. That woulda been cool. I would have to locate my “record player”…I know it’s around here somewhere…

    These sites are awesome! Thanks for the links!


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