Submitted for Your Approval – Our Conversations in August

Here is a photo and commentary summary of who I’ve been talking with during August – submitted for your approval (a nod to Rod Serling).  It’s something new I thought I’d try as a month ender.

Submitted for Your Approval

Submitted for Your Approval

A Brit in California and Sanity Found talked about gas:

"...self interest has been added."

...self interest has been added." - A Brit in California

"Meditating while dogs fart." - Sanity Found

"Meditating while dogs fart." - Sanity Found

A Canadian in Norway had me thinking about the Olympics, while Airtightnoodle  set me to thinking about school starting, Mssc54 made me hungry during his trials at Outback, Sister Julie made me consider basketball playing nuns, and Unfinished Person made me not want cookies anymore – particularly at a funeral.

"Canadians...really nice do-gooders that say'eh'..." - A Canadian in Norway

"Just wanted to wish all the fellow teachers out there good luck..." - Airtightnoodle

"That may be a $40 iced-tea..." - Mssc54

"I'm talking some 3-on-3 basketball..." - Sister Julie

"...a man they knew pulled the cookie out of his pants pocket and gave it to him while he was at a funeral." - Unfinished Person

Trish at Hey Lady! Whatca Reading? and Chartoose at Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage are trying to turn me into a prize pig as they give books away individually or by the box (although I never win).

"Surfer Dude..." - Chartroose

"...anything for the shibbiest sis on the planet!" - Surfer Dude (Chartoose)

"I will assume you are a prize pig..." - Trish

Stacy  at Stacy’s Book Blog and Doug  at Doug Geivett’s Blog are helping me figure out some people.

"Who am I?" - Stacy

"Who am I?" - Stacy

"Who is Sarah Palin?" - Doug

 Leisure Guy at Later On and Dave at Guy Named Dave have helped me take better care of myself.

"Leisure Guy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving" - Leisure Guy

"The 100 Thing Challenge..." - Dave

Leaving Evangeline and Amber Moon are traveling in the country this month.

"A relaxing, quiet time in the country is just what I need..." Leaving Evangeline

"The weather has been steamy..." - Amber Moon

I celebrated with some award winning blogs, like Books on the Nightstand, Literate Housewife, and My Friend Amy.

I know I’ve commented with others of you, but didn’t squeeze you in this time.  Some don’t have a blog (like Tanya).  It’s late, I’m tired, I’ll do this again sometime and be sure to cover everyone.  Thanks for the fun.


15 responses to “Submitted for Your Approval – Our Conversations in August

  1. What a fun post! I love how you are wrapping up the month! I am also thrilled about my award and will have to use it in my Sunday Salon post. Have a great holiday weekend! BTW, is that the real picture of her on Vogue? Wow!

    I hoped everyone would like it.
    I didn’t do my homework – I stole it from his blog.

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    I agree…good friends are those who come running with no detailed explanation of why!

    I love the picture of the gas and soda bottle…100% agree 🙂

    Who would have thought? Although I think gas is still cheaper per gallon than milk. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Quite a razor! 🙂

    And cute post. Thanks.

    As soon as I “stumbled upon” the picture, I thought of you. I figured you could somehow work it into a post on shaving.

  4. Love the format, I LOVE finding new blogs! Thanks for the shout out!

    I always like seeing what you have to say, and, I have found several new friends due to their comments on your blog. Quite a community.

  5. WOW! Thanks so much! We’re honored and you can bet I copied that image to my computer for future use!!

    Thanks again,
    Books on the Nightstand

    Here’s the site if you ever want to generate your own:

  6. Cute idea.

    Cute, but manly… right?

  7. I’m famous! My name is in lights! Hee.

    This is such a cool idea! It might make me want to post more interesting things…just to see what kind of picture you’d throw up. (Village People for instance).

    I am “in the country” right now…and the little town my parent’s live in will be a host town for hurricane evacuees…so everyone is bustling about in preparations. It’s kind of cool to see the community come together.

    So your vacation may end up being an opportunity to serve others.
    I’ll look for a good Village People photo and have it ready for next time.

  8. Wow – I’ve been mentioned in a blog. So cool! :o) I know I need my own blog…I have lots of thoughts roaming around in my head that I should put down in print. Just haven’t made the jump yet.

    I like the end of the month round-up…I’ll be visiting a few of the blogs mentioned.

    Although I’m pretty new to all of this, I’m happy to help if you have questions.

  9. Thanks for the exposure!

    I love the format… pretty creative.

    Thanks for hanging out with me.

  10. Yes, manly indeed. 🙂


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  12. how cute are you Don! 🙂 mwah!

    Thanks. You are kind.

  13. What fun 🙂 You have visitied a variety of blogs. I always find myself visiting the same ones. Thanks for helping me broaden my …blogesphere?

    I’ve enjoyed making new friends. Thanks for joining in.

  14. I hope you win my contest. I do. From one loser to another. 😉

    Thanks. I’ll have to come up with a post about my non-winning ways.

  15. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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