Democrats Apparently Nominate McCain at Republican Convention

As Ronald Reagan would have said, “Well, there you go…”

I generally avoid politics.  I vote quietly (and early and often – old joke).  I saw this at Atypical Musings and Musings and it made me laugh.  Who would have thought you could include both of the dominant American political parties in one celebration?

CNN apparently made a bit of a mistake during the Republican National Convention.  See if you can find it:


8 responses to “Democrats Apparently Nominate McCain at Republican Convention

  1. I love to argue politics with people I know. I get far too ‘excited’ to unleash my opinions on someone I don’t know. Politics is an ugly business. It’s nice to see the Democrats have put up their 2 candidates. I wonder who the Republicans will choose 🙂

    They still have today to choose.

  2. Hee…that’s pretty funny. It’s a subliminal message to all the undecided voters methinks.

    Although, what the message is saying is unclear. Uhh…

    Maybe that McCain could take part in either party?

  3. Katie Couric called Palin of being the “Governor of Arkansas” after her speech last night and I laughed and laughed.

    Funny. I believe (although I don’t have a record) I heard Palin refer to McCain as John Glenn (while he was standing next to her).

  4. ROFL this couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

    What is their tag line. Something like “We get you the news first.” In deed.

    Sometimes you have to create the news to get it out first.

  5. Or that both parties are obsolete and don’t really matter anymore…or truly carry the will of the people? Interchangeable politicians…merely pawns of the real power in the country: Oil and Energy, Wall Street, High School Musical cast, etc.

    Not my opinion…just repeatin’ stuffz I heard.


    I’m sure the political stuff is fun, I’m just not really a fan. Funny about High School Musical – my daughter would agree that they rule.

  6. Well, I’m glad you had it for me, because The Wife and I don’t have television…I would have liked to have seen that, though, but now thanks to you, I have. 😉 Thanks.

    You’ll never be finished without TV (kidding). Happy to provide some form of entertainment.

  7. lol… too funny!!! good one Don!

    (sounding like Elvis) Well… thank you… thank you very much.

  8. oh, that’s a good one! makes you wonder if cnn did it on purpose…

    Maybe a popularity booster (or not)?

    Speaking of popularity, this was the 300th comment on this blog. Thanks for being memorable.

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