Five For Friday – Favorite Current TV Shows

I don’t watch much TV – although there is one in my home office that my kids (particularly my son) like to watch (He is watching a movie right now).  With that in mind, I (almost) struggled to come up with five current TV shows that I like to watch.

  1. Eli Stone – A wonderful show.  Eli is a corporate lawyer with a brain tumor.  The tumor causes visions (he believes from God) about what cases he needs to take, generally as the little guy going against his own corporate law firm.  Each episode also offers a song (often by George Michael) to help guide Eli to the case.  It’s funny, serious, weird, and enchanting all at once.  You would never guess from watching the show that Jonny Lee Miller (Eli) is British.  James Saito is also great in this series.  Set in San Francisco.  Tuesdays on ABC.
  2. Monk – Wonderful, strange, engaging, annoying, brilliant, Monk is an OCD detective without a badge or a job.  He spends his time searching for his wife’s killer and helping the San Francisco police solve crimes.  Tony Shalub is perfect for the part.  Fridays on USA Network.  The website is also fun.
  3. Pushing Daisies – A touch can bring someone back to life, but a second touch will kill them (with no opportunity to ever come back to life again).  Lee Pace (Ned) is wonderful in the lead and has a dog and a girlfriend (sort of) that have both been brought back from the dead by Ned – so he can’t touch them again.  Chi McBride (Emerson Cod) is great as a detective who needs Ned’s help.  Also, how can you go wrong with a diner called The Pie Hole?  Set in Coeur d’ Coeurs (wherever that might be).  Wednesdays on ABC.
  4. The Amazing Race – (Ugly) Americans romp through the world, creating chaos, havoc, and dissonance everywhere they go.  Captivating TV that makes me proud to be an American (ok, just a touch of sarcasm).  Sundays on CBS.
  5. Spongebob Squarepants – Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  You guessed it – Spongebob Squarepants.  My son and I watch together.  One of my guilty pleasures.  Daily on Nickelodeon.


10 responses to “Five For Friday – Favorite Current TV Shows

  1. Oooh…I am a TVholic. Well, when the season’s are running.

    I L.O.V.E. Pushing Daisies. It’s one of the best shows on television. It’s funny, fresh, offbeat, it’s like visual candy with all the colors. The actors are perfectly suited for each role. (Kristen Chenowith is HILARIOUS).

    (P.S. You can watch episodes online).

    I’ve always wanted to watch Monk…but never have. It’s on my list of dvd’s to rent.

    I saw a few episodes of Eli Stone and really liked it, but it must’ve been up against something else I wanted to watch more…because I quit following it. Maybe I will see if the episodes are online.

    I’m a sucker for Heroes and The Office. Those, along with Pushing Daisies are hands down my favorites. Followed closely by Grey’s Anatomy, Chuck…and please don’t tell anyone I watch this smut: Gossip Girl. (It’s a guilty pleasure I tell ya-BTW, that show should NOT be marketed at teens. It’s horrifying to think parents would let their teens watch it).

    Yes, my brain is mush…my morality and self-image are being malformed with every episode of these shows…yet…I shall not tear myself away!

    You are funny. Hey, you can watch full episodes of Monk online. I saw an episode of The Office and thought it funny. I’ve heard of the others, but never seen them. I guess my brain is almost mush instead of real mush (kind of like gummy oatmeal).

  2. Oh, you have no idea. My friends have to schedule around my tv shows…hah. Actually, I have TV night on Thursdays with my best girl friend. We watch Grey’s and Ugly Betty…and Tivo The Office to watch after.

    I will check out Monk online! Thanks for the tip.

    Gummy oatmeal, huh? Just add milk. 🙂

    Eli Stone is the one show I schedule around (first in a long time).

  3. I love Monk. Last night’s 100th episode was a funny one. We seem to get caught up in all of the USA shows. We watch Psych and Burn Notice too. Of course it helps that these shows run in the summer when nothing else is on tv. I also really like The Closer. My husband really likes Pushing Daisies, but I just can’t get into it. We do like the Amazing Race, but our campy favorite is Survivor. There’s no excuse for it, but it can’t be helped 🙂

    I’ve seen the ads for Psych and it looks funny, but I’ve never watched. My son likes Total Drama Island, which is a cartoon reality (and satire) show that seems to be based on Survivor.

  4. I love Pushing Daisies. It was one of my favorites last season and I’m looking forward to this season. Of course, my kids love Spongebob and I find myself watching when they have it on! David and I LOVE Amazing Race! He really wanted to go on it for a time, considering the amount of foreign travel he’s done! My guilty pleasures are Desperate Housewives (I know, what can I say!) and some of the shows like Project Runway and Top Design.

    I would likely embarrass myself, my family, and likely all of humanity (if I were on Amazing Race) because I am ultra competitive and do not enjoy being inconvenienced (not a wonderful combination when race-traveling). I do better making fun of the people who are on the show and exhibit the same tendencies. It begins again on Sept. 28.


    I’m so glad America fell in love with this show just like I did… I would have been heartbroken if it had been canceled like the creator’s previous show, WONDERFALLS.

    If you haven’t seen WONDERFALLS yet, rent or buy it immediately. If you love the rapid-fire dialog on PD, you’re going to love the main character, Jaye, on WF. Fox, in its infinite wisdom only aired 3 or 4 episodes, all at different times I think, then yanked it. But 12 episodes had been shot and all are on the DVDs. They form a nice little arc, too.

    Other shows I love:
    Heroes (though Season 3 had better be better than Season 2!)
    Battlestar Galactica
    Doctor Who

    I’m looking forward to Fringe… I hope it’s good!

    I’ve never heard of WONDERFALLS, but if it’s as good as PD, then I’m in. Interestingly, back in the 70’s there was a little show called The San Pedro Beach Bums that I tried to watch – I thought it was great – but the network only ran about 4 episodes. The funny part is that I marched in the Hollywood Christmas Parade that year with a school band and after the parade I was walking down a sidewalk and ran into the guys that were on the show. They were shocked that someone actually recognized them or watched the show (apparently I was the only one). Stuart Pankin (I think that’s his name) was one of the actors on the show – I’ve seen him do other work since then.
    Thanks for the heads up on other good shows (Dr. Who is great, no?).

  6. Nevdr heard of that flower show.

    I like

    Prison Break.

    The Unit


    That’s about it, I don’t watch much.

    I’ve never heard of Speeders, but now I have something to find. Thanks.

  7. I enjoyed the little bit of Eli Stone I saw. I missed George Michael and that made me very sad. Very sad. I used to be addicted to The Amazing Race, but I haven’t been able to get into it after the season with the families (which I didn’t like). I can’t even remember the season or the names of the couple, but they constantly yelled at each other and in one challenge the male had to make bricks. The female was all over him about working faster and he screamed, “I’m packing it!” To this day, Danny and I use that whenever the other of us starts to nag and it nips many little tiffs off in the bud. 🙂

    “I’m packing it!” – I love it and will try to use it whenever appropriate. Thanks.

  8. You’ve got to watch that episode with your wife. I’ll see if I can find it on YouTube.


  9. You should definitely all be watching Eli Stone! It’s so interesting that so many different things surround his decisions – they place it in Sci-Fi, but I’m not so sure about that category. Still, I’m really looking forward to the second season and have been watching episodes online and just found the ABC Starter kit to keep up.

    Hey, thanks. It’s a great show and I enjoy the flashbacks as he discovers his perceptions growing up were not necessarily true. Thanks for commenting.

  10. I don’t watch much TV either, but my husband and I watch shows downloaded to our DVR, making it so we can watch shows whenever we want. We really like Mad Men right now. And I can’t wait for Heroes to come on. Now THAT’S a great show!

    I’ve heard about Heroes, but not Mad Men. They are good, huh?

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