Must Love Jaws – Altered Trailer

This made me smile, because I watched Jaws with my kids right before going on vacation to Hawaii (I think I mentioned this previously).  As a result, they weren’t interested in going out very far into the ocean.  It probably wouldn’t have helped their psyche to have seen this altered trailer, but it still makes me smile (you can find more here):


4 responses to “Must Love Jaws – Altered Trailer

  1. That was funny… I love retro conned trailers when their done well.

    Must Love Jaws isn’t even the highest rated of those on the page. It’s just the one I liked. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Ha! That was awesome. It’s funny too, how horrible the special effects were. I remember it being so realistic! Of course, I was just a kid…but it’s amazing how the technology has advanced.

    That was a funny take on that. Sharks are people too!

    I remember going to see Jaws with a group of friends when we were in high school. The girl next to me threw her popcorn and coke on the guy behind us when the head fell out of the boat (if you remember that part). Funny stuff.

  3. Lovely! Nice sunday morning wake up “snort”…

    Glad to be of service.

  4. lol… people have too much time on their hands.. I swear!! LOL

    It is funny, though.

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