Radar Love in the Twilight Zone – Two Great Videos by Golden Earring

After posting lists about great songs, two friends of don’stuff commented about Golden Earring songs (neither on the top lists).  As a result of those comments, I thought it appropriate to find videos of the songs and share them for your viewing pleasure (the Radar Love video is funny – at least to me).  Enjoy!

This one is for Literate Housewife (Twilight Zone by Golden Earring):

This one is for Lucid Lunatic (Radar Love by Golden Earring – really funny):


5 responses to “Radar Love in the Twilight Zone – Two Great Videos by Golden Earring

  1. I love how his hair is still rippling in the wind after the car stops (and nothing else seems affected by this wind). That was hilarious, thank you.

    It is funny.

  2. Oh, that brought back so many memories! Thank you so much! Wow. Now I know where to go to get my Golden Earring fix.

    Happy to be of service.

  3. Okay, yeah those are great songs. I especially love Twilight Zone.

    But, yeah…the Radar Love video was hilarious. Is it odd that I find that man attractive? Other than being super skinny…and wearing his jeans pulled up to his chest, he’s pretty hot!


    That’s how men looked until sagging your pants became the trend.

  4. Eww…I don’t like that trend either. Somewhere between the grandpa look…and underwear showing is just about right.

    Take a look at this: http://www.lolpix.com/pictures/8/Funny_Pictures_367.htm
    What do you think? I don’t know – too much?

  5. LOL! Yeah, that’s just a tad too much…


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