Bubba’s Happy Dance

I realize that it’s only Thursday, but if someone needs a Friday happy dance – here you go:


4 responses to “Bubba’s Happy Dance

  1. do you think he had a mullet under that cap?

    Most definitely – but didn’t we all have a mullet at one time or another? I was impressed by the amount of energy he was expending – I could not have danced like that for that long.

  2. Some guys sport a “six pack” abs. Other guys sport “kegger” abs.

    Gotta give him credit for his energy level. lol

    He was something – not sure what, but he was something.

  3. I had a mullet! I was so cool.

    Umm…how come no one except the guy behind him, pays any attention to him? He’s kinda noticeable if you ask me….

    That’s my new happy dance. I’ll dance it tomorrow on my way out of work! Yay!

    I am glad it works for you. A mullet huh… (I had one too – my kids saw the photo and still laugh at me).

  4. I think maybe he was on the Jumbo-Tron. If you watch the girl at the bottom of the screen she is looking ahead and seems to be reacting to his gyrations. 🙂

    Good point.

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