Five For Friday – Lean On Me Videos

I like hearing and singing Lean on Me – it’s fun, it’s encouraging, it’s just a good time.  Here are five video versions of Lean on Me for your Friday enjoyment.

This is for Sanity Found (Happy 30th Birthday – yesterday), Leaving Evangeline’s friend Amy who undergoes surgery on Monday, and Amber (weathering her own storm, but still celebrating with friends).  Here’s to friends!

The Original by Bill Weathers (likely the best version):

Club Nouveau (probably my favorite version):

How about Steven Tyler of Aerosmith singing with a church choir (never thought I’d see it):

The African Children’s Choir (we had them sing at our high school when I was principal):

From the movie Lean on Me (1989)( I would have liked this to happen at my high school):


4 responses to “Five For Friday – Lean On Me Videos

  1. That is just awesome!!! I love each version wows! Its still my biffday *grins* although I haven’t turned 30 yets

    Well, happy birthday in advance for when you do finally turn 30.

  2. …likely the best version?… definitly!

  3. Awww! Thanks for this! I’ll have to show Amy.

    I actually loved all of these. The first, yes…is the definitive version. The second is the boogie. The third was surprising and surprisingly good…Steven Tyler has an amazing voice. The fourth I had to warm up to…not the kids…they are adorable..just the version. And the last one gave me chills…goosebumps!

    Yay! Thank you!

  4. The Club Nouveau immediately takes me back to my Senior year in High School. That’s when it was big here and my boyfriend at the time really liked that song!

    As for the movie…it’s one of those that anytime I happen onto it on tv, I always stop and watch it. Great movie!

    Although the original version is better (note that I dropped the “likely”), I still like the Club Nouveau version better. Although I kind of like the movie version too.

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