Love Your Klub!

If you read the previous post, you would note that I actually won something today – kind of a big deal to me.

After the big Office Supply Expo (you really should read the previous post if this means nothing to you), I returned to my office.  As I was talking with some of the people in our office, I mentioned a video I posted yesterday (Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife) and they wanted to see it.  As I brought up my blog (during lunchtime) and the Global Dashboard opened, I noticed that two of my blogging friends had mentioned this blog in their posts today:

The first came from Jennifer at Literate Housewife who I think is great – I check in each day.  I like her description of herself, “Although I am literate, I’m not literally a housewife.”  Clever.  She said some very nice things under this heading:

Literate Housewife

From Literate Housewife

 The second was from Chartroose at Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage.  I think her blog is terrific too – again I check in daily.  She is allowing me to join the Kool Kidz Klub (although the triple K initially made me nervous, she dismisses any negativity in her post):

All in all, it’s been a great day, thanks to my new friends and a $25 gas card (would you go read the previous post already?).

Thanks Jennifer and Chartroose!


One response to “Love Your Klub!

  1. Now see, if you’re only looking at blogs at lunchtime, that’s where you’re going wrong. You need to check your Google Reader several times throughout the workday, so you can enter contests as soon as they appear (like chartroose’s first correct answer wins contests)…trust me, your win to loss ratio will increase dramatically. Of course, so will your chances of getting fired. 😉

    Yes… ONLY at lunch and at home… just in case anyone from work is reading.
    Hey, thanks for the tip and thanks for dropping in.

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