What Your Life Can Truly Be…

This is your encouragement to help you ease into your weekend.

Enjoy Earth, Wind and Fire as they encourage you to be a Shining Star:


2 responses to “What Your Life Can Truly Be…

  1. For a different version, which is one of my favorites, but mainly because I’m into old school Christian rock., check this out.
    Another version

    But I love the funk too: Parliament, Funkadelic, especially.

    I’d never heard that version. Thanks. In reference to your other favs – “Make my funk the P funk…”

  2. unfinishedrambler

    I want my funk uncut 🙂

    From unfinishedperson’s alter ego, unfinishedrambler, whose blog you may or may not enjoy

    Tear the roof off the sucker…

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