I was tagged by Amber (Sanity Found also tagged the entire universe) with the curse list of three:

3 Joys

  1. My Family
  2. A Great Book
  3. A Great Meal

3 Fears (…or maybe questions)

  1. What kind of world are my kids inheriting?
  2. Am I inadvertently being offensive?
  3. Why is that car that is coming at me from the other direction… in my lane?

3 Goals

  1. Write another book
  2. Present at two conferences a year
  3. Get the yard cleaned up

3 Current Obsessions

  1. Books on CD
  2. Fantasy Baseball (I’m in first place in two leagues and third in another).
  3. This Blog

3 Random/Surprising Facts

  1. My wife and I waited almost 14 years after getting married to have kids.
  2. We thought I’d be more mature by then.
  3. We were wrong.

5 responses to “Three

  1. We were wrong – I say never grow up those kids are better for it! Brilliantly done! lol

    Our line is that my wife was born 30 and I’ve never made it past 18.

  2. Another book? There was a first?…

    …and second. Don’t worry, no one has heard of any of it – all technical stuff.

  3. Your obsession with the blog has paid off.
    It’s nice to hear about your 14 year wait for kids. Next month will be my 10 year wedding anniversary and we are just starting to like the idea of being parents 🙂

    I think we are more patient due to the wait and way less focused on ourselves, but we do feel our age at times.

  4. Was #3 in the last section really a surprise?

    Hah! Just kidding.

    Sorry. I don’t even know you and here I am insulting you!

    I think it’s really cool you waited so long to have kids too…because you and your wife really got to have so much time with each other. A lot of young couples lose out on that when they have children right away.


    It’s all good – I make fun of myself all the time.
    One of the reasons we waited was so we would have a strongly established relationship with each other before we became “a family.” We dated three years before getting married and thought we would wait five years before having kids, but time kind of slipped away and we decided we better get going with kids or we would be eligible for the children and senior adult discount when we went to dinner or amusement parks.
    Anyway, it’s worked out well for us.

  5. I don’t know that the last one is so surprising. Random yes, surprising… 😉


    If you only knew…

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