The World’s Largest Book (at 5×7 feet)

The book is entitled, Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom and weighs 133 pounds and is more than 5 x 7 feet. It is the largest published book in the world – and can be yours.  Each copy is printed on demand, uses a roll of paper longer than a football field, over a gallon of ink and takes 24 hours to print.  The 114 pages of photos feature life-sized (or bigger) people.

More information here.

It is currently for sale on Amazon at $30,000.  The purchase price is a donation to Friendly Planet . Each copy is numbered and can include a personal dedication message.


3 responses to “The World’s Largest Book (at 5×7 feet)

  1. I love books, but this seems just a bit excessive. I suppose I could attach legs and use it as a table, but other than that what else could you do with it?

    I have seen coffee tables made from books, but you’d have to make this one into a dining table.

  2. My mom would appreciate this book…so she doesn’t have to squint to see the pages.


    I liked the concept of life-sized photos – it’s like the people are in the room with you.

  3. Now that’s just silly. Cool, but silly. Who would EVER buy that? Answer: people with too much money and space. It would need it’s own bloody room!

    Ah…that’s the rub. I don’t have either, so I don’t have the book – no matter how cool.

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