Dogs Rock! – Church Wars

This is probably photoshopped, or it may be real, but this made me smile.  Follow the photos below to see a funny and public theological debate.

From our friends at PYZAM:


6 responses to “Dogs Rock! – Church Wars

  1. LOLOLOLOL!! That was AWESOME!!! My tender little heart has to go with the Our Lady of Martyrs on this one.

    Hahaha! So funny!

    Rock on!

  2. This is hilarious all they need is some celebs to endorse the idea and a Superbowl add.

    I believe Tom Cruise is already lined up to do the voice over for the dog and Dwayne Johnson will play The Rock.

  3. that was made using the Church Sign Generator, but it’s still funny. 😀

    I thought so too. I needed the laugh.

  4. Man that is funny.

    I’m definately going to have some fun with this sign generator thingy. 🙂

    Be sure to keep us “posted.”

  5. It’s really strange to note that the Catholic church is the one taking itself less seriously. There’s actually a Unitarian church near where I live that sometimes has amusing signs… but they’re Unitarian. They can do cool things like that.

    “All rocks go to heaven.” There’s hope for me yet.

    Alright, Rocky!

  6. LOL Classic, you have made my sunday (ironically) – just catching up with everyone, hope you are well!

    Doing well, just busy. Thanks for asking. I’m glad you are catching up.

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