Sarah Palin – Cookin’ with Bullwinkle

I think all of these Sarah Palin photos that recreate her shooting some fictitious characters (and Bigfoot) are funny – but (as some have pointed out) she hasn’t yet shot a human.

With that disclaimer – here is at least one more photo.  I was directed to it by a friend and found that it originated at MSNBC:


3 responses to “Sarah Palin – Cookin’ with Bullwinkle

  1. I think she’ll give more than enough material to comedians and bush won’t be missed 🙂

    Bush is still around?

  2. While this IS funny…there is nothing funnier than reality. You want to laugh? Watch Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. The expressions on Katie’s face are enough to send me into fits of gut busting laughter.

    Only, the humor ends there…and the fear begins.


    This process was boring until Palin entered the picture. Yet, I still feel like I’m watching a Keystone Kops film.

  3. Don’t matter how long you boil them antlers…
    they stay tuff. 😉

    But they work well as spoons.

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