Save Our Souls – Fascinating Art by Rolando Cyril

I stumbled across this fascinating work of art and thought I should share it.  It is by Rolando Cyril.

Many are floating on the ocean
But who is sure to know about them?
Many are calling for help in the silence
Who shall recieve their message?

I found some bottles, but there is a problem
Who can help me now ?



5 responses to “Save Our Souls – Fascinating Art by Rolando Cyril

  1. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this. I wish that I could express myself that way…in a visual way. I react to art, natural beauty and music the same way…in a physical way. The perfect piece of art, the perfect cloud formation, the perfect rock song…can feel like a punch to the gut, or like a shove. It doesn’t feel bad, it’s just a powerful and sudden surge of feeling. This painting does that to me.

    I was also stunned by the savage beauty of this work. I wish I had just a tiny bit of artistic ability.

  2. One more comment: Is it even a painting? It says photoshop at the bottom of the page. I wonder how it was created…hmmm…

    I still like it.

  3. I absolutely love this…. its amazing….I feel like that so many times. I love the image and the words.

  4. Oh me too! That wasn’t a criticism, just curiosity.


    I have absolutely no artistic ability, so nearly any artwork fascinates me.

  5. I have seen that one before and fell in love with it, there is serenity and yet a questioning fear in that boy that perhaps we all hold within ourselves. Ok now going to go stare at it again…

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