Diane K. Merchant and Chinese Restaurant Homicides

Do you ever read the newspaper and come across something that just makes you wonder?  The people at unfabulouz found these gems:

The first seems mild enough – an easily correctable mistake:

The second seems to address one particular segment of the community, but since Chinese isn’t one of the languages I read (although it looks like it was just printed upside down), I don’t know what kind of mayhem or confusion may have been caused by the original:

However, this little “gem” likely caused a bit of a stir for (at least) Diane K. Merchant – can you imagine if your name was here?  The horror; being cited for failure to stop at a railroad crossing (among other stuff):


7 responses to “Diane K. Merchant and Chinese Restaurant Homicides

  1. It’s a tough font to read, but as far as I can tell the Chinese reads ‘Chinese Sea Food Restaurant.’ Then again, part of the word for Chinese (which is two characters) is the character for ‘Mid,’ ‘Middle,’ or ‘Medium,’ and with the font I can’t tell if the next one is the right one or not. The characters I’m sure of here are the ones for ‘Middle’ (keep in mind what I just said, the Chinese word for China literally translates as ‘Middle Country’ or ‘Central Country’), ‘sea,’ and ‘shop.’ Though here ‘shop’ will be functioning as ‘restaurant’ if there’s a food noun in that mess of crazy font.

    Makes me think of Mark Twain’s first obituary.

    Greatly exaggerated?

  2. Yikes! I don’t wanna live in her small town…lol

    Stolen groceries – oops homicide. Small difference..lol Good one!

    Can you imagine?

  3. Oh my! Poor Diane! Those are pretty funny though. I gotta go check out that site. You sure do know how to dig up the oddest links.


    Have you heard of engrish.com? It’s super funny. There are tons of signs, packaging, etc. translated, poorly, from Japanese into English.

    I have seen those, some are pretty funny – but, then again, so are many of the things (we the) people say in English without translation (I’m thinking GWB).

  4. @Lucien: You can read Chinese Hmmm..Mark Twain’s first obituary 🙂

    @Don: I though only Bush 🙂 can can make such a simple mistake, mistaking Homicide with Groceries. LOL

    It would have been misspelled.

  5. V/P Joey O’Biden should be a great source of such screw-ups , but only when he is talking !!

  6. onetwothreefour

    Stumbled here from huffingtonpost.com … just thought i’d point out that the chinese writing in one of the ads is indeed supposed to say ‘chinese seafood restaurant’… the first way they printed it is upside down, but it is doubly hilarious if you read chinese because the “correction” prints the characters in the wrong order, creating total gibberish… I’m guessing that the ad was designed to be read from right-to-left (certainly not unlikely) but in the context of the printed correction in English it makes absolutely no sense. Oh well…

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