Joe Biden – Foot Shooter or Lottery Winner (or both)?

Turnabout’s fair play.  I’ve picked on Sarah Palin, now it’s Joe Biden’s turn (by the way, they both did a great job in the debate).  Here are some photos I found on Freaking News:


5 responses to “Joe Biden – Foot Shooter or Lottery Winner (or both)?

  1. Heh…I love that “Leave Britney alone” guy. There is a youtube out there somewhere that dubs someone’s voice over him…and they are crying “Leave Sarah Palin alone!”…it’s pretty funny.

    Well, good for you for being able to “reach across the aisle” and make fun of dems and repubs alike! I vote for you for prez!

    I’m too Dilbertish. I’d be in trouble all the time for things I would say. Thanks for the vote, however.

  2. Foot shooter LOL, dude whatever said and done, he doesn’t ever surfaces Mrs. Palin in comedy material. She’s just tops 🙂

    It’s all good. I’m just trying to be “fair and balanced” (whatever that means).

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  4. Hilarious pictures. That crying Youtube guy was downright disturbing, talk about “drinking the Kool-Aid”, that guy has had more than enough to make a video like that.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I stopped by your site, but haven’t had time to fully read. I did note that clancop is your name: C. Lancop (mentioned just in case anybody reading this wondered).

  5. No worries man. I do get carried away sometimes, but I do have a lot to say on my blog. If you do get time, give it a read. Once again, funny stuff, keep up the good work.

    Thanks. You’re kind.

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