Adver”tease” Me – Creative Ads

I love creative advertising. I found these at Hongkiat.  These are just a few:

Probably photoshopped.

I like the idea of drawing attention to trees.

This is just great.

My wife’s kind of workout.

Not too comfy looking, but certainly catches your attention.

I don’t like Pepsi (or what I call the P word), so I think this is really funny.

 Chocolate communication – sweeeet!


6 responses to “Adver”tease” Me – Creative Ads

  1. Oh, the Pepsi one is hilarious – I totally agree. My next favorite is the FedEx/UPS! Too funny!

    The Pepsi ad made me think of the back windows of pickups where the little kid is peeing on whatever the driver doesn’t like.

  2. Ahha wonderful I love these advertisement, i never care what the product is but the creativity get me .

    I just wish I were half as creative.

  3. Here are a few more for the peeing one, because I’m kind of demented that way:
    –A cow squirting her own milk into a glass–
    –A LaLeche woman squirting breastmilk into her six year old’s gaping mouth–
    –A drunk peeing into a half-filled beer glass, and then drinking it.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

    You ARE demented (in a kind of way), aren’t you?

  4. Wait…are these real? Or are they photoshoppy kind of adverts. I’m confuddled!

    I mean, obviously the lime that is relieving himself is not real…but what about that Fed Ex truck??

    They were billed as real, but I’m relatively sure some were photoshopped – I can’t imagine FedEx wanting to advertise for UPS, but I’ve seen stranger things.

  5. ROFL These are brilliant!

    There are a bunch more out there, these are the ones I thought particularly clever.

  6. Wish all adds could be this clever!

    No kidding – then we might actually notice them.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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