Yoda Reads!

If Yoda tells you to read, you really have no choice – and this is the shirt for you.  Click on the picture to find out how to purchase yours (yes, this is a blatent and cheap advertisement for a company that I know nothing about – I just like the shirt).



7 responses to “Yoda Reads!

  1. Make Me 😀 You Do. LOL

    Glad, I am.

  2. Effin inspirational that is, a yoda reading and all, maybe i should pick up a book, like if yoda reads and all…

    What would Yoda read? Mysteries? Non-fiction? (or would it be “fiction, it’s not.”).

  3. leavingevangeline

    I don’t know how to talk like Yoda…sad. I try, and I always come off as a nerd.

    Anyhow…I love the shirt! I might have to get one. I like funny/ironic t-shirts.

    Try you did.

  4. Hey Don,

    Thanks for the blatant advertisement! I found your post from google. Since you know nothing about us I figured I would send you a link to our “about us” page:)http://www.80stees.com/pages/about-80stees.asp

    Thanks. I had copied the picture to use for the post, but the website was down when I tried to access it and could only list the site address. Again, thanks – I really like this (and I’m not even an avid Star Wars fan, I just like the shirt).

  5. Read Yoda backwards…

    Should You Read…

    Like it I do.

  6. Hmm… I’m considering this one. Then again I can currently dress myself entirely in T-shirts I’ve gotten from running in races/attending events/winning things. I’m not sure I’m up for actually buying a T-shirt. It’s been so long…

    Maybe you could find some running shorts that say READ across your bumper (even better if the letters are reflective).

  7. Someone should have told that to Entertainment Weekly then shouldn’t they? I vote we take up a collection and send the compiler of that list a T-shirt?

    Maybe a T-shirt with a photo of Yoda reading Entertainment Weekly?

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