Writing to Intimidate (or Academia, Here I Come!)

I had a professor during my teacher education days who loved to use many obscure words (I really do mean many) in very long sentences, then summarize what he just said by saying “…in other words,” and then use about five or six (simple) words to summarize.  Now, I realize that he was likely trying to increase our vocabulary by adding context to unfamiliar words, but I couldn’t help but think, “couldn’t you just use the other words?”

Although I believe the vast majority of professors really do have the best interest of their students in mind, I do believe there are some academic bullies out there as well.


The cartoon below seems to capture my thinking:



7 responses to “Writing to Intimidate (or Academia, Here I Come!)

  1. 🙂 cute cartoon

    My life, somedays.

  2. I read and rite godder these days.

    On a totally unrelated point 🙂 Did you know 75% People think tiger is real and Calvin and Hobbes had inspired the movies “Fight Club”

    Mee two!
    Fight Club, hmm.

  3. leavingevangeline

    Funny! I know people like that…except the people I know use big words incorrectly. I like to correct them whenever I can…you know, for their benefit.


    In other words…

  4. Har! I worked in an academic library for about 3 years. Some professors were totally wonderful (or at least acceptable). There was a small group who were the meanest bullies I’ve ever met. Now I work with physicians, but even the meanest doctors are pussycats compared to those awful profs!

    A couple of friends of mine are physicians and we’ve talked “the glamor” of the medical profession. As they put it, “yeah, glamorous… think of all the places we have to look into and the places our hands have to go… yeah, glamorous – that’s it.” Most of the doctors I know are pretty humble people. Professors, on the other hand…

  5. I always just figured them educated professor types was just showing off.

    Regarding statistics;

    I read somewhere that 95% of statistics are made up.

    …and 72% of the public doesn’t even realize it.

  6. I don’t know how to embed a link in a comment…so I’m just going to add this:


    It’s pretty funny and sort of ties into this post, and some others you’ve had up in the past.


    She’s always funny. Thanks for the link.

  7. Ah, universities! PLaces where you can still learn good math, physics, chemistry, soil science or engineering. Even some good art techniques here and there.

    But don’t get into social sciences and humanities. Flee from history. Run, don’t walk form literary criticism. Take an airplane to get away form philosophy. They are all ruled by a mafia.

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