Quirks and Addictions – I’m Tagged to Confess my Obsessions.

I’ve been tagged about my quirks and addictions (Thanks Chirax).  This is supposed to be an opportunity for you to get to know your blogging friend better, so I’ll try to confess to obsessions I haven’t previously mentioned.  I’ll try to be as honest as anyone running for an elected office, so (sounding like Bullwinkle) “away we go!”

  • Fantasy Baseball – I generally have three or four teams going.  One of the first things I do each morning is check my stats and standings from the previous day.  Rarely a week goes by that I haven’t dropped someone and picked up someone else from the waiver wire.  This season I won first place in two leagues and had to settle for third in another.  I will now have to settle for fantasy football (my team is down near the bottom of the standings) until baseball season begins again.

  • email – I check my work email (seemingly) every two minutes.

  • Coffee – My beverage of choice in the mornings and after a meal (keep the decaf away from me).  I like my coffee black.

  • Your Comments – When I log onto WordPress, the first place I go is to the comments page.  I like to know what you are thinking and saying.  You are all kind to me – thanks!

  • Your Blogs – I read through my blogroll each day.  So… even if I don’t comment, I have read what you have written.  I’ll work on commenting more often (and try to sound more interesting).

I’ll tag Leaving Evangeline, Literate Housewife, Mssc54, Amber, Jeff, Sanity Found, Unfinished Person, and Stacy Buckeye.

Thanks for reading!


12 responses to “Quirks and Addictions – I’m Tagged to Confess my Obsessions.

  1. Dang…. Ok.. Ill have to come up with something interesting to say now. Thanks alot! Sheesh!

    You are always interesting and share a great deal of your life with us. You might have trouble coming up with obsessions that we don’t know about, however.

  2. Yay! I’ve been tagged! So, I suppose there are no rules to this…I can list one or two…or I could go on forever!

    No real structure, just whatever you obsess about (and feel like letting others know).

  3. Gosh I rarely play tag.

    I’ll make the effort soon. lol

    So… one of your obsessions is to not obsess?

  4. Thanks Don 🙂
    On the contrary if I am working on anything I go offline a feature rarely used in Outlook 🙂

    I think I will make new friends through your tags 🙂

    email – I check my work email (seemingly) every two minutes

    It seems like I’m only offline while I’m driving. I’ve been making new friends since I started blogging and this is a fun way to learn more about them. Thanks for the tag.

  5. Don: First, wanted to let you know that did see the tag. Will get to it here later in the weekend. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Second, I only have one team with fantasy football and that keeps me busy enough. Gotta love the waiver wire, though.

    Third, love the new layout. I was wondering when you were going to put in your own image. Did you use one of those things? 😉

    Fourth, I really need to stop being so ordered in my responses (a preview of one of my quirks).

    First: I like the way you think, so hearing about your quirks will be interesting.
    Second: I like fantasy football, but checking stats each day doesn’t have the same excitement since they generally only play on Sunday and Monday.
    Third: I made the header with a generator tool (http://www.headerbar.com/) and played with several last night until I found one that I liked.
    Fourth: It’s good to be ordered. This is what most of my emails look like.
    Fifth: Thanks for playing along.

  6. Okay. I’m on it. We share addictions to coffee and email.

    Good to know.

  7. Lol dang how on earth do I break the rules with this one, will wait for my personality to return tomorrow and take a crack at it!

    Did you loan your personality to someone? Or has it just not caught up with you from the weekend?

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  9. I am going to work on that very soon, although I’m not obsessed about anything. Well, except for refuting other people’s views on which 80s songs are the best, why people leave out U2, Diet Coke…

    …and exclamation points!

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  12. Comments are amazingly addictive. I almost feel guilty turning friends on to blogging. I kind of feel like a drug pusher.

    I try to keep quiet about it – suffering through my comment addiction quietly and alone, pushing blogging on others only enough to afford to fund my own addiction.

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