What if the Candidates were Phones? – Asks Babs Winfrey-King

I’m going to sound like a mix of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King:

If the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were phones, what kind of phones would they be?  This was posted at Paul Gregoire’s blog and I think it’s really funny.  What do you think? (asks Babs Winfrey-King):



9 responses to “What if the Candidates were Phones? – Asks Babs Winfrey-King

  1. McCain needs more buttons/faces/functions. An old simple phone doesn’t work. First of all, lets be fair, he’s more serviceable than that. Secondly he has changed his mind too many times to be that single purpose. Lastly, that phone is in no way maverick.

    Everything old is new again, right? That sounds maverick. I’ll agree that this phone might not work, only because it would have been used with a party line and McCain rarely has use for the party line.

  2. that’s hilarious!


    Thanks for the visit and comment. I stopped by your blog too.

  3. Hahah! Very funny. Well, I suppose there is something to be said for simple…

    Hey… I’m simple… hey…

  4. That’s perfect! I was just telling my mom that I can’t bear to listen to Palin because she sounds like a kindergarten teacher.

    … a smug, sarcastic kindergarten teacher.

  5. I think it is redicilous…I must be dry for I see no humor there at all. I take it you must be a Democrat?? I don’t belong to either party. But, just for you…I would love to see a republican put up for you …like maybe the type of clothes each of them would wear? If I remember right, a few months back I thought I saw Obama dressed in Moslum’s Clothes. Then maybe your sense of humor would be dry.
    It is my opinion that neither one of them are the right choice for the President Office. I am writing my choice in for that office…which is…Mighty Mouse, at least he was truthful with his motto: Here to say the day. All I have heard out of anyone of them are nothing but lies. And if that is your choice for President, then I can see why this country is in trouble.

    Hi Lizzygram. To paraphrase, “Neither a donkey nor an elephant be.” I have said many times that this may be the first election (since I’ve been of voting age) that I don’t vote – I don’t want any of them to be my fault.
    How about if we write in each other?

  6. ROFL… oh my god that is soooo funny!!!! I especially love Sarah Palin’s! Damn that’s good!

  7. Vote. You don’t need to vote for McCain or Obama, but vote. Some say it’s your right, but I believe that it is your responsibility. Anyone who does not vote, in my mind, loses the right to complain about the actions of American government.

    Sorry, but this is something of a sore point with me.

    Oh, I’ll vote – I agree with all you’ve said. I was just spouting, but I won’t vote for either of the “primary” suspects. I’m nearly despondent that this is the best that we can do – so I’ve resorted to sarcasm… complaining is about as empty as the character of the candidates.
    I’m thinking about writing in Lizzygram.

  8. This is for lucidlunatic and the one to paraphrase….Thank you , for saying would that you would write my name in as the write in on the ballot next month…ALL I CAN SAY IS…AT LEAST I AM HONEST!!!!! AND I CAN’T BE BOUGHT OR PRESUADED.. GOOD LUCK FOLKS.

    I’m willing to write you in. I like someone who speaks his or her mind. Right now, all I’m hearing from the current candidates is rhetoric – “Change is change, so we’re changing change to be changed.” – or some such phraseology.

  9. Don I hope M&P Gang doesn’t get elected, for USA. I know there will be more entertainment but I think one W was enough .

    I think it’s going to be a rough four years no matter who gets elected, they will have such a mess on their hands. With the state of the economy, whoever does get elected will not likely be reelected.

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