Tears for Fears – Literally… in the Library

Here’s the next entry in Literal Music Videos.  Although I liked the A-Ha video better, I thought this one was also clever.  Watch for the kid wearing the Red Sox jersey, he seems to be a real fan.  I also thought the mullet section was funny.



3 responses to “Tears for Fears – Literally… in the Library

  1. LOL!!! “Is that Dave Coulier”?

    The A-Hah one was wittier, but this had more weird bits in it.

    I cannot tell you how much I loved Tears For Fears….and I was sooooo in love with Curt Smith. He reminded me of Ducky from Pretty in Pink…

    Ahh…those were the days. I love the 80’s.

    I also liked the floating up to the second floor… yes, nothing like the 80’s.

  2. leavingevangeline

    I mean Roland!! Roland is the one I liked! Not that you care…but just in case he stops by the blog and reads this…I need him to know I love him! I mean, you never know.


    He’s a regular.
    I thought about just editing your first comment, then thought, “No, Roland will like this. He needs to know the depth of your love.”

  3. Gee, thanks so much! That is very kind of you. I figured Roland would be a HUGE fan of your blog…I mean, duh, who isn’t?

    (Roland…I looooove you.)

    Just trying to help get the word out.

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