Wanted, and Worth $3.50

I’m not sure which would bother me the most; seeing my face on a wanted poster, knowing I’m only worth $3.50, or actually having someone out looking for me and hoping to cash in on my capture (I’d feel like a bag full of empty two-liter plastic soda bottles).



4 responses to “Wanted, and Worth $3.50

  1. leavingevangeline

    LOLOLOL! Now that right there is funny! I don’t care who ya are!

    Ivan might not agree… or maybe he does? Maybe nobody goes out looking for a $3.50 reward.

  2. Oh man it sucks to be him mwahaaahaahahaa!

    Yes, not much to brag about among his criminal friends.

  3. So he’s worth what? About seventy-five cents a pound?


  4. HA HA HA $3.50 even I think that low its only 175 Rs. Cost of 4 Beers cans, man that’s bad.

    It would seem to be a new low in the world of criminals.

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