John McCain – Gangsta Candidate

The McCain campaign is apparently attempting to appeal to a younger crowd during these last few weeks of the election.  The parental advisory is what made me laugh out loud.  Here is an example (I thought this was funny – there are actually several at



5 responses to “John McCain – Gangsta Candidate

  1. have you heard the album yet? not bad for a republican…

    aayo aayo peepz say i’m old
    but tha right call me bold
    all pickin a hottie to be ma v.p.
    m.c. cain makin hist-o-ree

    That’s funny. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Good one “how to lose girls”!

    I liked the Bert and Ernie one…but it woulda been funnier if the Bert/Biden had white hair.

    I thought that one was funny too and I thought the same about the hair – it looked too real on Bert!

  3. Not the best photoshop job- the hands clearly belong to a younger man. So unless McCain is pulling a Michael Jackson (oh, bad thought, bad thought)…

    I saw that – the shoulders and arms aren’t right either, but I found the concept funny. The funny thing is (to me, anyway), I could actually see John McCain trying to rap if he thought it would get him a vote or two.

  4. The thought is scary though, but I think SNL people will leave their jobs.

    As long as Alec Baldwin has someone to kick around, things will remain normal.

  5. I don’t think he can actually raise his arm that high.

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