Swiss Army Knives – Updated

When I was a kid, I wanted a Swiss Army Knife.  Unfortunately, my family seemed to think I would do great harm to myself if I had one (or more likely, to my sister) – think about the movie A Christmas Story (You’ll put your eye out) and substitute Swiss Army Knife for BB Gun.

There are a variety of Swiss Army Knife knock-offs these days, but this is what one generally looks like:

Here are some new ones:

Swiss Army USB (I could use this one):

Swiss Army mp3:


Multi-tool Swiss Army Knife (who has a pocket this big?):

Swiss Army Mouse (to go with the Swiss Army USB):

Sith Army Knife (my son could use this one):



5 responses to “Swiss Army Knives – Updated

  1. I used to have a Swiss Army knife on my key chain. I wonder what ever happened to it…hmm…

    I think I’d like the one with the light saber. That would be rad!

    The Swiss make great knives… for peaceful people.

  2. I just said “rad”. What is this? 1982?

    Rad would have been acceptable up until about 1987, I believe.

  3. I too always wanted a Swiss Army Knife, folks never got me one. So, with my second paycheck I got one, but now Its in my closet with other things which I just wanted to have & never used more than one 🙂 Though the light saber one is really Cool I will go with the USB one more storage LOL.

    That’s the one I like too.

  4. unfinishedrambler

    Where’s the one with the TV and GPS? Hey, actually GPS might be a good thing if you’re lost in the woods.

    — The alter ego of unfinishedperson

    Oooo, GPS (sounding like Homer Simpson).

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