Now That History’s Brought You, What Are You Going To Do?

Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s, I really liked Devo.  Maybe it was their name (The name “Devo” comes from their concept of ‘de-evolution’ – the idea that instead of evolving, mankind has actually regressed, as evidenced by the dysfunction and herd mentality of American society) or maybe I just liked their music.

Maybe I’m just (mildly) cynical, but I find the cartoon below very funny.  It made me think of Devo.  Just think… history; moving forward to create this one point in time:

Don’t waste your life.



7 responses to “Now That History’s Brought You, What Are You Going To Do?

  1. unfinishedrambler

    You mean, it’s not all about ME? Hmmmm…never thought of it that way.

    My thoughts exactly, except I was thinking about me, not you… Let’s go watch Bugs Bunny.

  2. lol @ Devo. Remember their Cone hats and black glasses??? Sooooo funny!

    They are still around, just not as relevant. But, yes, the plastic hair, the flower pot hats, the yellow coveralls… Whip it good!

  3. I don’t want to waste my life…but I think I am. I’m wasting it in worry, fear, insecurities….

    I’m trying though…trying to be different.

    I liked this cartoon very much…besides the point at the end…I know a lot of people that probably believe that they are the culmunation of all of history.


    It would be easy (and cliche) for me to tell you not to worry, etc. It’s easier said than done. I believe you have a lot to offer, however, you just might need some people to point out your strengths, then encourage you.
    As far as history, I have always assumed that I was the culmination of history, I just find it surprising that others feel the same way about themselves (just kidding).

  4. (mildly) cynically I don’t want to waste my life, but life doesn’t give me a choice 😀

    How so?

  5. Now that I’m here…umm…why the fuck AM I here? Ahhhhh, existential angst! I DON’T LIKE THAT COMIC!

    Sorry. I think it’s funny.
    Maybe my purpose in being here is twofold; 1. to watch Bugs Bunny and 2. to create opportunities for you to display existential angst.

  6. Oh man, I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes!! Thanks for the laugh.

    Happy to be of service.

  7. Every time Don, Every time.

    Good to know.

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