Five for Friday – Top Trick or Treat… Treats

If you haven’t completed your candy shopping for halloween, here are the top five suggestions for halloween candy, brought to you by Bnet:

Sour Candy.  The favorite of little guys and ghouls.  As Bnet says, “The more the face puckers, the better.”  Kids like the weird shapes.

Sour Gummy Worms

Sour Gummy Worms

Snickers or any other kind of candy bar – chocolate is top choice, full-sized is most desired.

Oh, yeah!  King Size.

Oh, yeah! King Size.

Novelty Candy, or candy with a toy.  Lollipops with plastic-bug centers and finger boards filled with candy are top choices.

Halloween heads filled with powdered candy

Halloween heads filled with powdered candy

Sugar-Free Candy.  Sales are up 12%.  Click on the photo to link to a place where you can find your favorite candies in sugar-free form.

Sugar-free versions of candy you liked as a kid

Sugar-free versions of candy you liked as a kid

Assorted Bags of chocolate miniatures, lollipops and hard candyBnet has obviously never been to my neighborhood.  Fun size is not fun.  My neighborhood kids would think this was a trick.

You must be desperate, uncreative, or cheap (like me).

You must be desperate, uncreative, or cheap (like me).



12 responses to “Five for Friday – Top Trick or Treat… Treats

  1. Mmmm – SOUR GUMMI’S! My favorite!

    i only got about 30 kids at my old house, so i gave out full sized Snickers, M&Ms and Skittles… i should warned the folks renting the place, that the kiddies have high expectations!

    It might be fun to just go and hang around outside to listen to the comments.


    What’s the sense in that?

    That’s like drinking a caffine free diet Coke. I mean there’s so much not in there you’re lucky it’s even wet!

    I agree – I don’t even like the idea of decaf coffee, however, I have a friend who has developed diabetes and this would probably benefit him.
    The other side of that, though, is that this could put some of my dentist friends out of business.

  3. I usually hand out pot brownies, which, when eaten, makes the kids snarf down their candy in seconds flat, thereby preventing their parents from stealing all the good stuff for themselves. See, I’m a great advocate of children’s Halloween rights!

    It sounds like they would eat their candy so fast that it wouldn’t even touch their teeth, thereby also making you an advocate for good dental health.

  4. Umm…people might wanna be careful handing out sugar-free treats. Most of them are made with a sugar substitute that acts as a laxative.

    I used to manage a candy store, and we had to put warning labels on the sugar-free bins.

    Poor kids! Sugar free and a night on the toilet?? No fun.


    I knew I liked your way of thinking. I don’t like anything that is sugar free (what’s the point of that)? You have just saved me from the potential of ever (EVER) choosing to consume anything that is sugar free (except iced tea – I prefer non-sweetened).
    The laxative issue may help explain some things about my diabetic friend (hmmm).
    My last two dentists have said that sugar free sodas are the worst thing you can put on your teeth – the chemicals eat away at the enamel of your teeth (or something like that).

  5. Know what candy I really like? Warheads. The more sour the better. But I’m afraid they might have gone out of business because I haven’t seen them sold anywhere around here for years. But occasionally I see a wrapper smashed on the pavement and wonder how long it’s been there. Once I even found a wrapper with a warhead still in it lying in the gutter. And it was sealed (at least visibly)! No comment on what happened next.

    What probably happened is what I was thinking happened just before I read your “no comment.”

  6. Kids are no fun really… they like yucky candy. Give me a box of See’s dark chocolates any day! Mmmmm

    P.S. I eat sugar free candy if I eat candy… cause I don’t get sugar headaches then. Tastes just as good too.

    Ooo… See’s Dark Chocolate – Good Call!
    Oh, great. Now I’m craving dark chocolate.

  7. Lucid: Go to and search for Warheads…you can find them there…and lots of other yummy candies you can’t find anymore.

    Also: That’s where I find my fave old candy: Charleston Chews.

    Don-I’m with you. I’d rather have a little of the real thing, than oodles of the fake! (That goes for sugar AND fat!)

    Thanks for the tips!

  8. I don’t eat sugar-free candy, but leavingevangeline has just taken any possibilty of it in the future off the table. Good to know!

    She has her way (kidding).

  9. I was reading through all the comments, and mssc54 made the same point I was thinking as I read the post: Sugar-free??? What is the point? Me??…just go ahead and bring on the sugar…especially in my iced-tea!

    And then amber had to go and mention dark chocolate. See – now I need to go find some dark chocolate, and I try really hard not to keep too much of it in the house or I just snack on it all the time! :o)

    I’m now envisioning sugar-free dark chocolate… and not enjoying the view.

  10. Hmmmm…Snickers is my fav 🙂

    I’ve had one or two in my lifetime as well.

  11. Is it just me, or do the fun-size treats not last long enough?

    It’s not just you. There’s nothing fun about that small size.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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