Alien (Predator) Pumpkin – A Carver’s Delight

This is frightening, yet oddly fascinating.  I wish I had this kind of talent for carving pumpkins – this would look so awesome on our front porch.  Unfortunately, I’m happy to carve something that has eye holes and some kind of jagged streak that doubles as a mouth.  This is cool:



9 responses to “Alien (Predator) Pumpkin – A Carver’s Delight

  1. Of all the unholy… wow. That’s amazing and frightening. I’d be surprised if they got any trick or treaters.

    Great detail, but yes – a bit disturbing.

  2. Oh no! I think that thing might visit me in my nightmares tonight…

    I went to a bar the other night that brought pumpkins to all the tables for their patrons to carve. So we had one too. Umm…I turned around to have a conversation with someone…only to turn back to a very vulgar pumpkin. The guys had comandeered the carving…

    Let’s just say that those guys are sooooo 8th grade!!

    Most women are happy if men make it past an eighth grade emotional level. The joke in our home is that my wife was born 30 and I never made it past 18.

  3. Sometimes I am truly amazed by other peoples’ talents. The detail on this is amazing! This is one scary jack-o-lantern!

    I’m with you. Our pumpkins are just variations on a theme of triangle eyes and noses and crescents for mouths. But my girls are happy with them, so it’s all good! :o)

    If the girls are happy and that makes mama happy, then I’m sure daddy’s happy. Win-win!

  4. A bit disturbing??? No Sir, this takes the cake for “How you can use vegetables to Scare Kids” 😀

    Even some adults.

  5. Agh, my inner nerd wouldn’t let me leave with out pointing this out. While it is a carving of an alien lifeform, it’s better known as one of the Predator species. Given the ties Predator species/franchise has to the Alien species/franchise, it’d be better labeled as Predator. When I see Alien Pumpkin, I either expect a little Grey guy or the slimy ones I mentioned above. That’s all.

    Thanks for the visit. In deference to your inner nerd (and my casual OCD), I’m happy to make a name change.

  6. Dang now I am going to have nightmares! Hmph! *goes off in a huff with a cookie or five*

    I’m happy to give you reason to drown your fears in cookies.

  7. This guy has way too much time on his hands. lol

    Or works quickly. I was fascinated.

  8. I’ll be sleeping with the hall light on for a while. . . How scary. J-Mo

    I can’t imagine you scared of anything.

  9. incredible !!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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