Eat All You Want – And Never Gain Weight (sure…)

How would you like to eat all you want – and never gain weight?  Does it sound too good to be true?

This is from the “What were they thinking?” department:



8 responses to “Eat All You Want – And Never Gain Weight (sure…)

  1. Well… it worked. Until the point where the tape worm ends up coming out an orifice. I knew someone who knew someone who had one and didn’t know it until one particularly violent sneeze and, look, there’s a worm coming out of your nose.

    I would have been grossed out by milk… I can’t imagine.

  2. Sanitized tapeworms? It makes you wonder what kinds of things they will be looking at in 100 years about what we do to ourselves. Or maybe we’ll be back to leeches and tapeworms 🙂

    Or eye of newt…

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  4. Oh, that’s disgusting. My question is…how long was this “on the market” and how many people bought into it before they realized “hey, maybe this *isn’t* such a good idea?”

    I don’t know. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were doing castor oil.

  5. The ad itself is a diet aid…seeing as how I just gagged reading it. Maybe if I tape it (no pun intended) to my fridge, I’ll never be hungry again!

    So you could say it might “worm” it’s way onto your fridge (bad pun intended).

  6. Don, this is hilarious. Tape worm for reducing fat 🙂 he he he….Three Cheers to their Marketing team to pull this ad off.

    This is not even the worst of the things that used to be sold. I just had never previously seen an ad for tapeworms.

  7. Yikes! I’ve also seen a Coca Cola ad once upon a time extolling the virtues of the soda product keeping you ‘active and alert’. I BET the original formula DID keep you active and alert….for a while, until you needed another Coca Cola. 🙂

    Like, Cocaine Cola?

  8. lol, that is hilarious!

    Maybe… unless you were a consumer?
    Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

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