Angry Pumpkin Man

This is mildly disturbing.  It reminds me of a pumpkin version of the snowmen in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.



5 responses to “Angry Pumpkin Man

  1. But I do love the snowmen and Calvin…they are hilarious!

    Yes, too funny. I wish I was a clever as Bill Watterson.

  2. Prozak!

    I tried it… the pumpkin man still looked angry.

  3. Eww! That’s gross! He (?) is holding entrails in one hand.

    Although, it is quite creative.

    And a bit freaky.

  4. Oh, I love this! It’s about how I’m feeling lately with all of my deadlines hitting at once. 🙂

    I’ll be sure to stay on my side of the country until your deadlines have passed.

  5. Lot like snowmen in the Calvin and Hobbes, cool talk about people with time on their hands.

    Some people go to great lengths to decorate for Halloween, but not me.
    When I was a school principal, the kids at the school usually wanted to know what costume I was going to wear for Halloween. I always told them I would dress as the scariest thing they could imagine – a school principal.

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