Five for Friday – Halloween “Trick or Treat” Dogs

Knowing that many of you have animal friends, I thought I’d share these photos of Halloween “Trick or Treat” Dogs with you:

Yoda Lives:

You can see the excitement written all over this poor dogs face (I’m getting goosebumps):

Hot Dog!:

Now, this group is actually frightening:



5 responses to “Five for Friday – Halloween “Trick or Treat” Dogs

  1. Oh man that is sickly funny wrong ROFL phew… do they seriarsely sell costumes for dogs????

    Yep. Consumerism at its finest!

  2. Now I think the fast food collies are hysterical! But then I have a soft spot for Lassies!

    …and Yoda?

  3. leavingevangeline

    Awwwww! They’re so cute!!!

    I can only get my dog to wear a Halloween bandana. He does look adorable though…sigh…I love my dog.

    Our dog needs no costume. She is very small, so we tell people that she’s a large rat.

  4. So cute! I love them all, but would gladly welcome the ghost dogs into my home.

    They should have a great howl-o-ween.

  5. I love your site – it makes me laugh…especially the very blog entry with the Halloween pictures. You’re a genius!

    I have not subscribed to your feed 🙂

    How kind are you? Thanks for joining in on the fun.

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