Y B Normal?

After all the noise and overstimulation that comes with a sugar high and Halloween, I thought this appropriate for my friends and me (don’t try to tell me this doesn’t include any of you):



8 responses to “Y B Normal?

  1. Oh man! – You posted my personal motto! :o)

    and my lifestyle.

  2. Normal is strange. I would not want to be normal. I like being me.

    Ah… a kindred spirit.

  3. I have an affinity for oddballs. And I love goofy – it’s why I married my husband 🙂

    He’s a lucky guy – it’s good to be loved!

  4. Hahahaha! EXACTLY! Normal is very boring…so I try to stay “me”.

    There are variations on normal – such as ab…

  5. I absolutely love this one, wish I could have it tattooed on my forehead just for the sake of it… way more interesting than my original idea

    You’d have to have it tattooed in reverse, so that you could read it in a mirror when you need a reminder.

  6. I only ever pretend to be normal on stage… but not many roles are ‘normal.’

    Unless I’m supposed to take this scientifically. In which case I am ‘normal,’ meaning perpendicular, most of the time.

    And one scary fact: I’ve been so good about not having candy/most deserts recently that I had one piece of candy last night, and before having swallowed it had gotten a sugar rush and accompanying sugar headache.

    The candy was a Vanilla Tootsie roll, just to demonstrate that it wasn’t a really high sugar one.

    Even though lucid preceeds lunatic, for some reason I have been making an assumption that “normal” would have a somewhat different meaning for you than the definition that Webster might utilize (using it in a non-scientific sense). It’s good to know I might have been right.

  7. I think you speak for many 🙂

    Being normal is overrated!

    It’s good to know I might be the voice of non-normalicy. Yes, normal generally only works at work.
    Thanks for checking in.

  8. Love that picture!

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