Subway Tomato Nightclub

Sometimes you just need to dance:



7 responses to “Subway Tomato Nightclub

  1. If all subway wrappers had that on them… I’d go to Subway more often. I love the food, but it’s more expensive than what I could make at home. But my sandwiches at home don’t have dancing tomatoes.

    I think the Tomatoes dance to the singing of the California Raisin’s.

  2. To LL’s comment…why is it that we can make sandwiches at home, with the exact same ingredients…but they never taste as good as when someone else (Subway) makes them?? It’s a mystery I tell ya!

    I doodle on everything…I love to see that other people are a little loony too!

    My son draws on everything. I guess he’s a little loony too.

  3. Uh oh! My oldest draws on everything, too! Maybe great minds….????

    As for the Subway paper, again the creativity of people sometimes just amazes me. Even in doodling, I am impressed by the creativity!

    Missed seeing your spousal unit today. She’s kinda nice to be around. Dinner wasn’t quite the same tonight! :o)

    Back tomorrow. Thanks.

  4. Me too I doodle on everything, including on the cover on my laptop and cell phone. I am banned now from using permanent marker pens.

    I have no artistic ability.

  5. LE- largely because the ingredients are not, in fact, the same. I give most of the credit to the bread, but let’s not ignore the fact of the sauce, and meat, etc. There’s always the fact that I have never, ever, made myself a sandwich with all the ingredients Subway has available. 3-4 kinds of pepper? Why would I have that in the kitchen? At Subway I order them all on one sandwich.

  6. LL: Good point!

    Don…your son must be super cool…loony is a GOOD thing! 😉

    Way cooler than his dad.

  7. Another one that doodles on everything, I wish I’d keep mine organized.

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