Obatman and Robiden

It appears to be official, America.  Here’s the new presidential team:


6 responses to “Obatman and Robiden

  1. OMG – where the hell did you get this… HYSTERICAL! Don… damn you are so funny! ROFL that is too good for words!

    There are some creative people in this world. This is from laughingsquid.com.

  2. I second what Amber said this is TFF fo sho!

  3. Sometimes real people are funny too.

    More of a superhero than I thought.

  4. This is great! They should have used this as their campaign poster. Or for yard signs.

    I’m waiting for the movie.

  5. The Dark Knight. This is great 🙂

  6. Very cool, although Palin isn’t smart or attractive enough to be Cat Woman. She should be Moose Mama instead.

    Moose Mama – funny. As my friends and I used to say in high school, “Unlax, the moose is loose!” (although I don’t remember why it was so funny at the time).

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