The Worst Best Man – Ever!

Months (better yet – years) of planning go into a wedding.  Everything is perfect, including the environment – a beautiful poolside setting on a gorgeous day.  Can you imagine being this lovely bride (or the best man)?



5 responses to “The Worst Best Man – Ever!

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, I wonder what the “second best” man would have done?

    Or the maid of honor, given the opportunity?

  2. That’ll be me. If anyone ever makes me their best man, that will be me. I’m just klutzy enough for that to happen.

    Now back to watching the election.

    And me. The first time I was a best man, I dropped the ring when handing it to the pastor.

  3. This is “hall of fame” on youtube, wonder did the best man survived the incident 🙂 , I would have drowned him 😉

    The bride may have done worse to him.

  4. Don,

    Good video.


    Hi Santi – Something very similar could have happened at your wedding, just substitute a lake for the pool. If we’d only seen this previously, we could have recreated the entire scene.

  5. yes,

    that’s what i was thinking too.


    Maybe at a vow renewal ceremony.

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